Wunderlich Press Release 05|2013

Adventure for everybody - The new Adventure-style touring screen for all F 650/700/800 GS-Twin models of BMW.

Wunderlich presents just at the same time with the release of the F 800 GS Adventure a comfortable touring screen in Adventure-style for all GS-Twin models of BMW.

The shield is 410 mm high and provides excellent wind protection, even at high speed. Furthermore, it is also tilt-adjustable by 40 mm. The smooth surfaces, the special manufacturing method and the material (4 mm thick Lexan) ensure an optically clear view. Due to the rounded and polished edges, there is no further edge protection required. And thanks to the stiffening brace, plus amplification of the original bracket, the screen keeps it’s stability in nearly every driving situation and it is also appropriate for the mounting of all standard navigation systems.

The unit is available at Wunderlich and costs 209,00 € (ready for installation inclusive ABE and a 5 year warranty).

Wunderlich presents his complete product range, which is constantly extended, in his new catalogue 2013/2014 and on his new designed website at www.wunderlich.de


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