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Press Release 05|2015 - Big program for the new „F“

Wunderlich has equipped the F 800 R of 2015.

The first F-Roadster of 2015 has just started to ride that the BMW’s motorbike accessories specialist Wunderlich has already prepared a big range of products for the 800. Ergonomics, comfort and safety are the core competences of the Sinziger. The product portfolio is specially designed for the F 800 R. The F becomes a comfort wonder with the proven ERGO seat for 399,- Euro. The black Krauser crash bar for 179,90 Euro, as well as the discreet crash pads for front and back wheel for 59,90 Euro and 39,90 Euro, protect the two cylinder not only against big damages but also underline its sporty design. Well-known and useful are also the luggage solutions of Wunderlich.


Here the motorbike pros offer both the well-known and functional tank bag Elephant in different types, it costs 249,- Euro and the light version for 189,90 Euro. Brand new is a sporty and compact touring-tank bag with silver or carbon coloured side walls. Both versions cost 179,90 Euro. Also available are a seat- and tail-bag for 169,90 Euro as well as new sport-soft bags, they cost as a set 219,- Euro.


Of course also Wunderlich’s useful handle bar bags BarBag Evo and BarBag Media will fit, for a price of 54,90 Euro and 59,90 Euro. Concerning wind protection, the Wunderlich’s spoiler extension perfects also the new F, available in two versions for each 109,90 Euro.


In conclusion Wunderlich offers already more than 400 products for the new F-Roadster, more are in preparation. The whole program can be found in the well displayed web shop of the Sinziger under



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