Press Release 06|2014 - Well protected

Wunderlich presents crash-, tank and luggage protection bars for the new R 1200 RT LC

The new RT has just arrived in the showrooms of the dealers and Wunderlich, the specialist for BMW motorcycle accessory parts, already offers his version of the proven complete protection for the RT. Alreadyforthe previous model, the company from Sinzig had designed an useful boxer crash bar in combination with an effective tank protector as well as an innovative luggage protection bar, which has several functions.

The new version of the crash bar and the tank protection bar guarantees double protection for the valve cover and fairing, even when tipping over and at severe crashes. They underline perfectly the dynamic design of the RT. All maintenance work can be effected without removing the crash bar. 

The perfectly suitable luggage protection bars are not only a life insurance for the expensive and sensitive BMW original luggage cases; they are also a perfect lifting handle and a relaxing holding capability for the passenger. 

All mounting points of the crash and luggage protection bars are designed totrainand compressive loads and distribute evenly the occurring forces. Neither the ground nor the cornering clearance are impaired.

The protection bars are available in silver, chrome and black. In silver and black the crash bar costs 259,- Euros, the tank protection bar 229,- Euros and the luggage protection bar 239,- Euros. The chrome version costs respectively 20, - € more. All parts are „Made in Germany“ and will be delivered inclusive a 5- year-warranty.  

Further information is available from the website or via telephone at +49 (0)2642-9798-0. 



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