Press Release 10|2018 Reach for the bottle

Wunderlich liquid reservoir on the GS

Whether it’s engine oil, a small stash of petrol, water or a refreshing drink – you can never have enough space on your bike for liquids. Wunderlich, the motorbike accessories specialist, now has a smart solution in its portfolio for the water-cooled GS and the Adventure. In the unused space between the body and fork, the Sinzig-based company has added an ingenious flask holder.

The holder, made of powder-coated stainless steel, is mounted on the original attachment points, and slip-proof rubber mats and an adhesive strap mean that a 600 ml aluminium flask will be secure even on bumpy tracks. The flask is approved for operating fluids and is food safe, and also, thanks to the wide-neck cap, it is easy to clean and can be conveniently filled at the tap.

Both the holder and the flask are completely Made in Germany. Wunderlich also provides a five-year warranty. The holder costs €29.90, and the flask costs €14.90.

Part no.: 
43583-000 Wunderlich 600 ml aluminium all-purpose flask – silver
43582-002 Wunderlich flask holder – black

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