Press Release 12|2018 Wunderlich hand guards »BLACK EDITION«

Wunderlich hand guards for many BMW models now also available in black

Word has long since gotten round among tourer and roadster riders that hand guards can be used on more than just offroad bikes. The universal protection directly in front of the hand offers numerous benefits.

Wunderlich, the BMW motorcycle accessories specialist, provides the perfect hand guards for owners of almost all current BMW Boxer, F and K models, as well as for the G 310 R and GS. The hand guard, harmoniously matched to the respective model and made of highly durable, scratch-resistant and shatter-resistant acrylic plastic, is optionally available as a transparent, a smoky grey and now even a new black variant. Using a lightweight and unobtrusive fitting kit, the hand guards are assembled quickly and easily and provide reliable protection from the cold, rain and dirt. They can be used both with and without handle heating, with all handlebar end weights and with the proven Wunderlich cruise control. 

The guards are TÜV-free, and ABE and registration are not required. Including a five-year warranty, the kit costs €119.90 per vehicle. You will find the full selection in Wunderlich’s well-stocked online shop at



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