Press Release 20|2018 Variable Varios

A flexible footrest system by Wunderlich

Wunderlich, the BMW accessories specialist, offers the ultimate solution when it comes to adjustable footrests in the form of its Vario rest system. No matter whether you’ve got big feet or small ones, or whether you want to increase the lean angle space or just comfortably relieve the knee angle – Wunderlich’s system fulfils riders’ and passengers’ every wish, providing a considerable gain in comfort.

The base of the system is the Vario joint that matches the corresponding vehicle model, with the joint being mounted to the footrest bracket in place of the footrest. An adapter measuring 23 mm, 30 mm or 50 mm long is mounted on it. It can be attached in eight different directions. This eightfold adjustment option of a full 360° provides an outstanding level of flexibility. The adapter now incorporates the footrest, which can be equipped with a rubber footrest insert as an option.

The Vario footrest system is available for almost all current BMW models, including the R nineT, and for numerous predecessor models. The Sinzig-based company’s functional online shop provides a model-specific overview at The product is always delivered with a type approval. All parts are made of high-strength aluminium, are Made in Germany, and are anodised in either silver or black. Wunderlich also provides its five-year warranty. 

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