Press Release 22|2017 Urban G/S for When It Gets Rough

Wunderlich makes the R nineT Urban G/S ready for off-road

Wunderlich, the BMW motorcycle accessory specialist, once again proves that the Urban G/S also cuts an impressive figure in dark blue with its latest remodel. But the Sinzig-based company doesn’t just stick to colour. With its 70mm higher Wunderlich suspension chassis and popular adjustable paralever strut, the G/S is a truly fun machine off the asphalt. It comes with lugged tires that are not just a decorative accessory.

They mean that Wunderlich’s G/S Scrambler likes it rougher. The motorcycle and pilot are well protected by the crash bar in the same vehicle colour, the dark handguards and diverse other protectors from Wunderlich’s extensive pool of products. Speaking of the pilot, the style exudes a confident reminder of former twin-valve times with a single seat and practical luggage carrier is behind it. The minimalist rear fender with built-in E-approved tail/brake light and perfectly adapted light screen extension are both functional and visually strong, as is the painted number plates and many other details thought up by the BMW specialist.

The portfolio of the Sinziger-based company for the Urban G/S also includes attractive luggage solutions and various ergonomic improvements and additions. All information about the entire product range for all other current BMW models can be found in the well-stocked Wunderlich online shop at

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