Press Release 25|2018 Keep Calm!

Wunderlich is improving the wind protection on the BMW F 850/750 GS

The standard wind protection on BMW’s new twin-cylinder series certainly leaves something to be desired. Every now and then, the airflow ends up giving both riders and passengers a right battering. If you’re on the hunt for some quietness and would also like to find the perfect wind and weather protection for your F 850 or 750 GS, you’re in the right place coming to Wunderlich, the No. 1 worldwide for high quality BMW motorcycle accessories. With its »EXTREME« windscreen, the Sinzig-based company guarantees far less turbulence, vibration and noise in all speed ranges. Thanks to the ideal aerodynamics and the clever, extended flaps on the sides, the windscreen even works in the entire shoulder area and around the underarms. The wind protection cuts a convincing figure with clearly defined flows.

The robust screen is made of visually clear and petrol-resistant PMMA plastic with material thickness of 5 mm. It is extremely sturdy, solidly attached and is easy to assemble. The »EXTREME« is available in a transparent or smoked grey variant and in designs that suit the short or long original windscreen bracket. Depending on the version, the windscreen costs €199.90 or €219. Wunderlich provides a five-year warranty, and a German type approval (ABE) is also included. 

Wunderlich Windscreen »EXTREME«

20230-304; long carrier (160mm) transparent; € 199.90*
20230-305; long carrier (160mm) smoked grey; € 199.90*
20230-404; short carrier (115mm) transparent; € 219.00*
20230-405; short carrier (115mm) smoked grey; € 219.00*

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