Press Release 3|2017 Fuel up on power

Charger for CanBus systems in the Wunderlich edition

Right on time for the start of the motorbike season, a CanBus-enabled charger is hitting the market with the Wunderlich Optimate 4 Dual. The multi-talent for all onboard power systems and all batteries up to 50 Ah impresses with automatic programs for diagnosis, recovery, charging and continuous maintenance. All relevant information about the respective mode and the battery status is displayed via LED in a way that‘s easy to understand.

The CanBus is controlled completely automatically: The connection of the charger „wakes up“ the CanBus even without switching on the ignition. The CanBus is tested again following the charging process, the Wunderlich Optimate switches to continuous maintenance and therefore increases the average battery lifespan by up to 400%.

The charger saves even deeply discharged batteries with less than 0.5 V current and can easily be switched from CanBus to conventional on-board power systems, while the quick couplings and the housing are weatherproof. It also includes a DIN plug for the on-board socket as well clip set and long mains and charging cable (approx. 2 metres each) and three years guarantee for €89.90.


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