Press Release 08 | 2015 - Wunderlich sees red

F 800 GS protection bar perfects red frame

Safety is one of Wunderlich‘s core competencies. The BMW motorcycle accessories specialists have now tailored a protection bar to the latest F 800 GS body, which not only protects, but also looks great. The lightweight but highly stable bar for the F 800 GS has been developed with a red frame and red shock absorber fender. The plastic-coated steel tube comes in exactly the same red as the BMW frame, so it integrates perfectly into the sporty and robust lines of the Enduro in this colour variant.


The two sides of the protection bar are connected with a strut, so forces caused by an impact are distributed evenly over six attachment points. Installation is very simple and, thanks to the plug-n-play fit, can be carried out successfully by every layperson. For usual maintenance works, Wunderlich protection bar do not need to be removed. The bar is completely Made in Germany. With all attachments and easily understandable instructions, it comes with 60 days money return guarantee, for 239.00 Euros. For the two other latest F 800 GS colours, there is the Wunderlich protection bar available in conventional black, which costs 20.00 Euros less.


By the way, the red-framed GS can be perfectly combined with the proven Wunderlich tank bag “Elephant” in the Red Edition, which is available for 259.00 Euros in a perfectly fitting, discreet shade of red.


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