Press Release 08|2014 - Elephant tankbag kit - sporty or camouflaged

New colour options for Wunderlich‘s

popular tankbag kit

Wunderlich‘s Elephant sets the standards for top quality universal tankbag kits. The Elephant stands for tailored waterproof luggage solutions with an impressive multifunctional fastening concept. A replaceable base plate
is fastened to the motorcycle in just a few quick steps to provide a reliable quick-acting fastening for the tankbag kit. An ingenious system that works in next-to-no time even when wearing gloves or with damp fingers - makes
refuelling as easy as child‘s play.


The Elephant is a well padded solution that doesn‘t wobble with up to 25 litres capacity. It stands out with a range of features that include a spare visor compartment and other practical pockets and compartments.
The highlights and innovations include a large, reversible, removable map pocket, the ergonomic handle, the rucksack kit and the zigzag rubber strap across the top that takes gloves in a matter of seconds.


Up to now, the tankbag kit was available in black and as „Safe“ edition in bright yellow. Now the BMW motorcycle accessory specialists have produced their top model in two more interesting colours: a camouflage version and a sport edition with an appealing combination between BMW‘s original motorsport colours and a jeans shade.


The Elephant fits on all current BMW motorcycle models and on various vintage BMW bikes and is available from €198.90.


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