Press Release 10|2016 Futurism & Minimalism

Wunderlich participates in a new trendsetting study on motorbikes

Futuristic, but still traditional, minimalistic but still extraordinary – with these words you could describe the latest motorcycle study of Wunderlich with two other qualified partners. Wunderlich proves its complete competence by creating this prototype out of a regular BMW R 1200 R and shows a possible direction of development in the motorcycle segment.

The motorcycle is completely assembled in a state-ofthe-art manufacturing technique, based on a radically scaled frame of the BMW Roadster plus the Boxer engine. Traditional handcraft techniques, such as sharpening of raw aluminum, complement the whole production process.

The sensor panel of the Digimoto-bike is a complete novelty. The panel exists of various sensors and cameras, which send informations in real-time to the visor of the rider. This visualization of all relevant informations allows a complete renunciation of all elements on the bike, resulting in a unique and simple design of the motorbike. The distinctive design of this progressive motorcycle is created by Christian Zanzotti. A native Italian designer, living in Munich, who is well known for his emotional and at the same time simplyfied shapes, as well as for approaching technological limits.

GRAY DEVELOPMENT is responsible for the product concept as well as the idea of virtual-reality- prototyping, which allows an innovative manufacturing process. GRAY is based in Munich as well. Wunderlich is responsible for the technical realization of this project. The experience of more than three decades of development work allowes the Wunderlich technicians to create a futuristic and ridable motorcycle out of a revolutionary vision.

You will see the world premiere of the Digimoto-bike at the INTERMOT in Cologne in the custom show in hall 10 from October 5 to 9.

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