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Press Release 11|2021 - For Tool Manager

For Tool Manager

Wunderlich‘s smart tool box for the BMW R 1250 GS and R 1200 GS LC and their Adventure versions - for the first time with a codable lock

If you have your workshop well organized at home, you can blindly find every tool. It is the same on a motorbike tour. If you are on a trip and have stowed your tools in the bottom of your case or here and there, you often have to search and rummage around to find the hex key or the repair kit you need. This is a nuisance and can be unnecessarily dangerous in the dark or at the side of busy roads.

Simple. Functional. A safe place for tools, emergency kit and helpful little things.

Wunderlich‘s new, tailor-made tool box offers easily accessible, additional storage space for tools and all kinds of helpful little things that you like to have at hand when you‘re on the road. It integrates perfectly into the slot between the left pannier rack and the rear wheel, making effective use of the available space. The functional box is equipped with four solid threaded inserts and is permanently, securely and discreetly mounted on the standard pannier rack with a bracket and matching clamps. For easy access at all times, it can be opened and closed from the rear - even with the cases mounted, of course. The box cover is secured against loss. The box, made of high-quality plastic, is waterproof and robust. Wunderlich includes the necessary holders.

Ingenious and highly practical: the identically keyed version

Wunderlich offers the smart tool box in two locking variants: it is available either with a special lock whose locking mechanism can be individually coded to the key of the respective BMW R 1250 GS or 1200 GS LC, or with a conventional lock. The lock, which locks the same way after coding, proves to be very practical, as it avoids the need for an additional key. And what you don‘t need can‘t get lost. Both types of locking are splash-proof.

The tool box, which should not be missing from any R 1250 GS or R 1200 GS LC, is offered by Wunderlich for 169.90 €* (with keyed alike lock) and for 149.90 €* in the version with lock and two keys. The following applies to both boxes: the price includes the quality and first-class workmanship and Wunderlich‘s usual long warranty period of 5 years!

Both versions will be available from mid-May.

*Prices may vary from country to country

Matching the tool box, Wunderlich offers a practical, high-quality inner bag made of robust Cordura®, which can be filled by the user or equipped with a motorcycle-specific break-down kit.

At a glance:

41601-100 - Wunderlich tool box with special lock which can be coded to the same key as the BMW vehicle key
41601-200 - Wunderlich tool box with lock cylinder and two keys

41602-002 - Wunderlich inner bag for tool box
41602-102 - Wunderlich inner bag for tool box including breakdown kit

• Tailored tool box for various small items
• Waterproof, lightweight and extremely robust
• Splash-proof lock available in two versions:
      • Item-No. 41601-100: With special lock which can be coded to the BMW vehicle key with the same lock
      • Item-No. 41601-200: Lock cylinder with two keys
• Space-saving, integrated mounting, on the left of the original case carrier
• The contents are easily accessible at all times, even when the cases are fitted
• Splash-proof lock
• Box cover with protection against loss
• First-class quality and workmanship
• Mounting kit incl. holder for easy mounting is attached

Technical info
• Material: Box made of high-quality, precision injection-moulded plastic, light and robust
• Aluminium holder, high quality and precision workmanship, black powder-coated
• Dimensions:  
      • Width 325 mm
      • Height 230 mm
      • Depth 105 mm
• Volume
      • 4,5 l

• Wunderlich premium product.
• Small series. Hand-Crafted.
• Design. Functional and integrated.
• 60 days return policy
• Made in Europe
• 5 years warranty

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