Press Release 14|2013 - Retro-Roadster

Wunderlich presents a Retro conversion kit for the R 120 R

The Wunderlich conversion kit for the R 120 R realizes the return to the seventies - at least optically. Thanks to this kit, every BMW R 120 R built from 2006 converts into a stylish Retro Roadster. Technically, the base vehicle remains of course the same. The agility and driveability is also completely unchanged. But the comfort will significantly increase; thanks to the better knee circuit, the driver feels immediately comfortable. The comfortable seat is also a pleasure for driver and co-driver.


In about four hours of conversion time the Roadster turns into a real unique bike - in retro design, but with modern technology.  And since no changes at the original BMW parts are necessary, the conversion can be reversed at any time without leaving a trace. This is not only useful for a model change; it also means to have two motorcycles in the garage.


The standard luggage cases can be still used at the Wunderlich R 120 R. But those who would like to could also equip their "New Classic" with the legendary Krauser luggage cases to create a more authentic look. Furthermore, there are also many other options to individualize the Wunderlich R 120 R after the conversion like, for example, with a cylinder guard, a lamp protector, a discreet windshield or a very special tank bag made of genuine leather.


The R 120 R conversion kit consists of tank cover, seat, front fender, rear with taillight and various fairing parts. The complete conversion kit will be delivered inclusive all required parts and an understandable video, which clearly visualizes removal and mounting of all parts.


Total price of the ready-painted conversion kit: 3790, 00 Euros.


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