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Wunderlich headlight protection for the BMW F 850 GS Adventure

For off-road and for the long journey. The Wunderlich headlight protection is available in two very attractive, robust versions: rather discreet with an acrylic pane »CLEAR« or striking as a protective grille.

A stirred-up stone or a short Off-Road passage in the thicket or branches can quickly spell the end for the expensive unprotected clear glass headlight. The otherwise usual, rigid headlight grilles are not approved for road use and the headlight glass behind them is also difficult to clean. Wunderlich‘s solutions, however, are designed thoughtfully and consistently: The grille or acrylic pane „CLEAR“ protect the headlights in all cases effective and they can be folded up when traveling on the road or for cleaning purposes easy. The mechanism not only makes it easier to clean the headlamp, it also makes it easier to clean the headlamp protector itself. They are legal and functional!

The perfect integration into the front design is a must for the BMW accessories specialists. Both headlight protection variants take on the asymmetrical design of the F 850 GS Adventure and are perfectly integrated. One of the construction principles at Wunderlich is to ensure that no self-glare or glaring of the oncoming traffic is possible when riding at night. The same applies to reflections. The folding mechanism is easy to use and the developers in Grafschaft have made it easy for customers to install headlight grille and acrylic pane.

Wunderlich offers both versions of the headlight protection manufactured in Germany at a price of € 149.90*. Included in the price: 5-year warranty, as usual at Wunderlich components.

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25858-002 - Wunderlich foldable headlight protection grille (€ 149,90*)
25858-102 - Wunderlich foldable headlight protection »CLEAR« (€ 149,90*)

*Prices may vary from country to country

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