Press Release 21|2020 - A clamp for all cases

Universal clamp System »MultiClamp«

Wunderlich develops and manufactures high-quality accessories for BMW motorcycles. These components are innovative, functional, manufactured with high-quality materials and precisely assembled. Another aspect is one of the principles of the Grafschafter think tank: easy handling and easy assembly. Wunderlich has more than 3,800 model-specific components for BMW motorcycles in its range and supplements them with products if they meet the company‘s high requirements for in-house developments.

Universal clamping system »MultiClamp«
The »MultiClamp« universal clamping system is one such product that has found its way into the exclusive Wunderlich range. It can be used in many ways, because the construction of the kinematics of the clamping mechanism is suitable for fastening to different tubular cross sections. With the detachable toggle, which is included in the scope of delivery, it is easily fixed with a spindle to the handlebar, tank protection and engine protection bar or to the luggage rack. It is suitable for all pipes with a diameter of 10 to 32 mm. The special highlight is that due to the sophisticated clamping mechanism for round and square tubes, but e.g. also suitable for flat profiles up to 32 mm, as they have many luggage racks. Once attached, the toggle can be easily removed to make theft more difficult.

The »MultiClamp« has a ball joint that can be rotated through 360 °, individually adjusted and locked. With this quick release system, it offers a versatile base for holding the appropriate ActionCam mount or smartphone holder.

The ActionCam mount
An ActionCam can be easily and securely attached to the handlebar, tank protection and engine protection bar or to the luggage rack with the innovative ActionCam mount in conjunction with the »MultiClamp«. In this way, pictures or films can be realized from a wide variety of perspectives.

The ActionCam mount and universal clamp »MultiClamp« are connected by using the quick release system. The orientation angle of the ActionCam mount can be infinitely adjusted. It is designed to dampens shock and vibration. The accessories are supplemented by an adapter for tripod thread.

The Smartphone holder
The smartphone holder is predestined to be attached to the handlebar with the universal clamp »MultiClamp«. About the orientation (landscape or portrait format) and angle of inclination, the holder is individually infinitely adjustable and suitable for smartphones with a length of 135 to 180 mm. The respective smartphone is securely positively embraced at two diagonally opposite corners. The support surface itself is provided with microcellular rubber elements, so that the smartphone is safely, protected and vibration-dampened. The smartphone holder can be locked for security. The smartphone holder is connected to the »MultiClamp« by the Quick Release System.

Conclusion: Even if Wunderlich specializes in high-quality accessories for BMW motorcycles, this versatile clamping system can also be used with other motorcycle brands, with bicycles, kites, boats, private plane and gliders etc., provided that suitable profiles are available for fastening. In addition to versatility, it is simply a pleasure to take this high-quality system, largely made of aluminum, into your hands.

Wunderlich offers high-quality solutions for all current and many older BMW Motorrad model series for a wide range of applications (tour, sport heritage, roadster and of course adventure). More information can be found online

45155-002  - Universal clamp »MultiClamp« (€ 49,90*)
45155-102  - Smartphone holder »MultiClamp« (€ 29,90*)
45155-202  - ActionCam mount »MultiClamp« (€ 14,90*)

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