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Wunderlich‘s ergonomic holder for the original navigation system from BMW

In addition to the Wunderlich suspension program, model-specific luggage solutions, functional components that are always integrated into the line of the respective models are among the Grafschafter BMW experts on ergonomics and safety at the center of development. With the new model-specific holding system for the original BMW navigation devices, the Grafschafter development department followed exactly this aspect! With optimized ergonomics there is always an improvement in safety.

The helpful holding systems from Wunderlich are specifically designed for the BMW R 1250 R, the BMW F 750/850 GS and F 850 GS Adventure models, the BMW F 900 XR and the BMW Scooter C 400 X and GT!
GPS holder for the original BMW navigation system

The standard mounting of the original BMW navigation system on the handlebar clamps seems quite practical at first in normal riding, but it is a hindrance at the moment when a tank bag is used. When turning in, the navigation system inevitably collides with the tank bag and limits the steering angle and increases the turning circle. This makes maneuvering uncomfortable, exhausting and more time-consuming than it should be.
An ActionCam can be easily and securely attached to the handlebar, tank protection and engine protection bar or to the luggage rack with the innovative ActionCam mount in conjunction with the »MultiClamp« (Item-no.: 45155-002). In this way, pictures or films can be realized from a wide variety of perspectives.

The relatively low positioning also forces the rider while riding to lower his head if he wants to read or operate the navigation system. The position means that in addition to the pitching movement of the head, the eyes must constantly focus between the distance and the near area. This strains the eyes and causes fatigue. The safety aspect should also not be underestimated, because the rider is forced to take his eyes off the road regularly.
The holder, designed by Wunderlich, helps in several ways: It positions the navigation system optimally in terms of visibility and operator ergonomics in the natural direction of view, which allows relaxed riding. This position is above the TFT instrument cluster. This means that the rider always has an eye on the road and the navigation system at the same time. This arrangement has proven itself and provides noticeably more comfort when riding, navigating and operating, and prevents premature fatigue and increases road safety. The full steering lock is retained, and the turning circle is not limited.

It is easily attached to the bracket of the windshield. The basic holder can be positioned individually.


The holder for the original navigation system is made in Germany in the usual Wunderlich manner, precisely from high-quality materials, in this case from black powder-coated stainless steel. That‘s why Wunderlich gives a 5-year warranty!

Wunderlich offers the helpful holding systems for six different BMW model series:

21095-002  - GPS base holder C 400 GT (€ 49,90*)
21095-202  - GPS base holder C 400 X (€ 49,90*)
21096-002  - GPS base holder R 1250 R (€ 79,90*)
21173-002  - GPS base holder F 850 GS Adv. / F 900 XR (€ 79,90*)
21174-002  - GPS base holder F 750 GS / F 850 GS (€ 79,90*)

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