Press Release 29|2020 - Tough made!

Wunderlich engine protection bar »EXTREME« for the BMW F 900 R / XR

Recently, the BMW specialists from Wunderlich presented the „Sport“ engine protection bar for the BMW F 900 R and XR to the public. It is characterized by its impressively compact, slim design and optimized weight.

Now the Grafschafters are following up and presenting the „EXTREME“ engine protection bar concept, in which the striking appearance and maximum protection effect were the main focus of development. Its component geometry provides perfect protection for the engine, especially for the exposed water pump, clutch and alternator as well as their housing covers. Ride height and lean angle were also given the greatest importance during development and engineering. This makes the two-part asymmetrical engine protection bar look tough and striking. Its specific structure provides additional stability and rigidity. In the „EXTREME“ engine protection bar concept, the bars for the right and left sides are each mounted at six selected mounting points. The moments and forces occurring in the case of a fall or overturn are therefore distributed to three points on each side of the vehicle. This reduces the stress peaks when external forces are acting.

The design of the engine protection bar is based on its asymmetry: it is functional and integrates itself into the line of the F 900 R and XR.

It is easy to mount and does not need to be removed for maintenance work.

In the price of € 252.47* are - as always with Wunderlich components - 5 years warranty. The tough construction is Made in Germany.
Wunderlich offers helpful protection systems for all current and many older BMW model series:

26553-000 - Wunderlich engine protection bar »EXTREME«  for the BMW F 900 R / XR silver (€ 252.47*)
26553-002 - Wunderlich engine protection bar »EXTREME«  for the BMW F 900 R / XR black (€ 252.47*)

*Prices may vary from country to country


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