Press Release 30|2020 - Saddled up!

Wunderlich‘s »AKTIVKOMFORT« seats with ThermoPro

The features of our »AKTIVKOMFORT« seats are legendary. Now we have improved the potential of the seats even further towards comfort and have equipped them even more perfectly.
ThermoPro makes the difference!

Riding is most pleasurable in summer, when the sun shines. When you park your BMW, the sun‘s rays heat up the seat. Everyone knows this effect, it is a physical phenomenon. About half of the sun‘s radiation is in the infra-red spectrum. The black seat absorbs a large part of this heat or infra-red radiation and passes through the seat cover, also heating the seat cushion. Anyone who has ever felt the kiss of Helios, the Roman god of the sun, in the burning sun, knows this.

Our seats equipped with ThermoPro are covered with a special cover, which is additionally provided with a persistent technical coating.  This coating reflects over 70% of the long-wave, non-visible spectrum of solar radiation from λ=725 nm wavelength, so that the heating of the seat is noticeably reduced. Compared to conventional cover material, the temperature at the height of summer in blazing sunlight and depending on the ambient conditions is up to 25°C lower.


Wunderlich offers »AKTIVKOMFORT« seats for all current BMW motorcycles and many older model series. They are characterised by the Wunderlich-specific ergonomic 3-D contour and the progressive two-layer construction. Both are unique product features that allow active and comfortable sitting even on long distances.

Overview of AKTIVKOMFORT seats equipped with ThermoPro:
Wunderlich AKTIVKOMFORT seats ThermoPro

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