Press Release 31|2017 Hai Tech

Wunderlich refines BMW’s R nineT Racer

With the presentation of its sportiest version of the R nineT BMW unveiled a classic sports bike fully in keeping with the style of the Seventies. Of course BMW specialist Wunderlich took the racer intensely to heart and tailored a whole range of exclusive accessories for it.

Especially striking are Wunderlich’s tail conversions, which the team from Sinzig use to lend the racer a beautifully designed and discreet tail closure. These can be combined with various tail lights and assorted licence plate holders including a side-mounted licence plate on the Kardan, among others. Naturally, the eye is also drawn to the stylish number plate that Wunderlich offers in brushed aluminium. The Wunderlich racer is equipped for the worst case scenario with crash pads and protectors, while detailed covers add the finishing touch to the look.

Wunderlich wouldn’t be Wunderlich if these specialists didn’t also have a robust chassis up their sleeve. The fully adjustable Wunderlich suspension spring together with the Wunderlich suspension cartridge ensures excellent riding performance. You can also individually adjust the wheelbase thanks to the adjustable paralever strut.

You can choose all kinds of other cleverly designed accessories in the Sinzig team’s transparent and well arranged online shop at

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