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Press Release 38|2021 - Heat Up!

Heat Up!

Wunderlich expands its »AKTIVKOMFORT« seat program for the BMW R 1250 GS - now optionally available with smart plug & play seat heating system

The variety of AKTIVKOMFORT seats offered by Wunderlich for the current BMW R 1250 GS, including the Adventure, leaves nothing to be desired.

In addition to the black seat, the timeless classic, the „40 Years GS“ and the „HP Edition“ editions are available. Each of these variants is also available in three seat heights, namely standard, high and low. Together, this already adds up to 9 seat variants. In addition, there are matching counterparts of the popular color variants as passenger seats.

From mid-October: rider and passenger seats with the „Smart Plug & Play“ comfort seat heating system
Now the Grafschafter BMW specialists presented equal 12 new AKTIVKOMFORT seats for rider and passenger, which are additionally equipped with the comfort seat heating „Smart Plug & Play“. Just in time for the approaching autumn, almost all variants of the AKTIVKOMFORT range for the BMW R 1250 GS, are thus also available with the comfortable seat heating for rider and passenger.

Smart Plug & Play is the proven motto
The new Wunderlich rider and passenger seats with seat heating replace the respective standard seats. The only prerequisite: the original rider or passenger seat must also be equipped with a seat heater.

Before the Wunderlich seat can be used, only the electrical connection to the motorcycle‘s electrical system has to be established. This is done with the appropriate cable pre-assembled by Wunderlich according to the motto: Plug & Play!

The individual setting of the heating level can be made for the rider seat via the vehicle menu as usual. The selection of the desired heating level for the passenger seat is made with the help of an easily accessible switch located on the right side of the passenger seat in the direction of travel.

Good to know
For GS riders whose machine does not have the factory preparation for the seat heating, Wunderlich offers another option in the form of a rider and a passenger seat with seat heating for upgrading, which comes with a prepared, matching Wunderlich cable set for uncomplicated wiring.

The high-quality AKTIVKOMFORT seats, which feature a rider-friendly 3-D contour, comfort-enhancing coccyx relief, a progressive two-layer construction and ThermoPro coating, now comprise 31 versions for the BMW R 1250 GS model series.


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