Press Release 42|2020 - Goodbye fine rib!

Goodbye fine rib!

Wunderlich functional underwear: shirts and pants

Wunderlich recently presented its first functional underwear collection for motorcyclists. It consists of a functional shirt, which the Ringen-based company offers in a long-sleeved and a short-sleeved version, and matching long underpants. As a leading specialist for high-quality BMW motorcycle accessories, the underwear had to fulfill a basic requirement: It had to be technologically up to date!

Why does the right underwear make riding a motorcycle safer?

The most important characteristic of Wunderlich underwear is to always ensure pleasant and balanced conditions on the skin and under the suits. This has a significant influence on body temperature and well-being and ensures that the wearer neither sweats nor freezes. This is achieved through the use of a technical fiber that has special, positive properties: it must neither absorb nor store body moisture, but rather must transport it away from the body. The textile and the skin thus remain pleasantly dry.

The task of functional underwear is therefore to ensure that moisture is transported away from the body and to provide an insulating layer on the skin. To ensure that this moisture transport is particularly effective and fast, the product developers at Wunderlich decided to use Nilit® Breeze, the best technical fiber for this requirement. The material also dries very quickly after washing and has an odor-inhibiting finish. Both properties that are particularly beneficial on longer motorcycle trips.

The functional underwear thus acts like a balancing layer on the skin. A property that reduces or avoids the risk of freezing or sweating and the associated tension. The functional underwear thus has a positive effect on your condition and contributes to relaxed and safe motorcycling.

From motorcyclists for motorcyclists

The fact that the Wunderlich developers themselves ride motorcycles is clear from the special processing: they have paid attention to the very special requirements of motorcycling: The flatlock seams on shirts and pants hardly wear out at all and do not press and rub even under tight motorcycle protective clothing and on long tours. The neckline and cuffs of the shirts and the bottom of the pants have double cuffs for stabilization. The back seam of the shirts is longer and rounded. The fabrics used by Wunderlich are extremely elastic and therefore do not form any folds under the motorcycle protective clothing.

High quality processing and finishing

Even though Wunderlich is known as a true BMW specialist, the functional underwear „works“ on other motorcycle brands as well! Wunderlich has the functional underwear for a wide range of sizes manufactured and tailored as a unisex version for men and women by a company in southern Germany.

Why fine rib and cotton are „out“ when riding a motorcycle

The functional underwear from Wunderlich transports moisture away from the body and thus ensures a comfortable body climate and well-being. This is completely different with conventional cotton. As long as you do not sweat, it is worn inconspicuously. If you sweat, however, it absorbs the body moisture like a reservoir. Instead of releasing the moisture, the cotton fibers swell up and thus inhibit the transport of moisture. The unavoidable and therefore unpleasant consequence of wearing a cotton T-shirt is that the isolating effect and thus body temperature is lost and you start to freeze. In the worst case you will catch a cold or tension.



43244-0XX - Wunderlich functional Shirt Pad Breeze - short sleeve
43245-0XX - Wunderlich functional Shirt Pad Breeze - long sleeve
43246-0XX - Wunderlich functional Pants Pad Breeze

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