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Wunderlich cylinder head protection for the BMW R 1250 GS and Adventure with Original Engine Guard

The BMW R 1250 GS combines a spirit of adventure, unbridled power, reliability and state-of-the-art engine technology. No wonder it is the reference for an entire motorbike category.

At the heart of the GS is the 1250 ShiftCam boxer engine, which is simply thrilling with its power delivery, torque and rev ability. This is achieved with the ingenious design of the camshaft drive.  

Since the exposed valve covers are mounted exclusively force-locked, there is a risk that they will shift relative to the cylinder head under any force and possibly damage the elaborate valve train. Therefore, the additional protection of the cylinder head and the valve covers is of utmost importance.

Stone chips, branches, rock edges, a falling over or - worse - a fall - very quickly the valve covers of the ShiftCam Boxer are damaged, even if the original engine guard is mounted. Scratches are still the least of it. Especially in tough use.

This scenario was what the Wunderlich technicians and designers had in mind when they defined the specifications for the cylinder protection, which is integrated into the original engine guard. Of course, this should not only reliably protect cylinder head and valve cover, but also give the original engine guard additional structural stability to provide maximum protection.

The result, which Wunderlich recently presented, is convincing in every respect: The uncomplicated installation of the protection system made of high-quality aluminium is carried out directly and easily accessible on the original engine guard. Solid four millimetre component thickness, the form-fitting, immovable fastening, which is screwed twice with two clamps, these are convincing features for a robust and resistant construction.

Wunderlich‘s design features three striking recesses. They are used for air flow and their characteristic, dynamic shape, which tapers flatter towards the rear, fits in perfectly with the concept. All this combined, forms a well thought-out and literally comprehensive protection concept for the sensitive cylinder heads. Wunderlich manufactures the cylinder head protection either in silver or black anodised.

The cylinder head protection, which is manufactured in Germany, underlines Wunderlich‘s claim to always combine uncompromising functionality with integrated design. Wunderlich offers the cylinder head protection for the original engine protection bars of the BMW R 1250 GS and Adventure with a 5-year warranty at a price of € 194.86 (incl. 16% VAT).

41871-401 - Cylinder head protection R 1250 GS and ADV - silver
41871-402 - Cylinder head protection R 1250 GS and ADV - black

*Prices may vary from country to country

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