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Press Release 9|2017 Bridge day

New luggage bridge for GS and Adventure

For riders who are en route alone on their R 1200 GS, there is now an ideal solution for accommodating your back securely and close to the centre of gravity. BMW specialist Wunderlich offers a practical luggage plate that can be attached very simply in place of the pillion seat. This rack not only allows much more luggage to be accommodated, it also moves closer to the rider. This makes the loaded motorcycle both easier to handle and more comfortable to ride.

The elaborate but nevertheless light-weight construction made of stable, black powder-coated, four-millimetre-thick aluminium offers numerous lashing possibilities on all four sides. Cut-outs in the middle allow secure lashing even of smaller items. The end of the driver’s seat fits exactly. The luggage bridge is easily replaced from the pillion seat, the locking is done via the original seat locks.

The luggage bridge fits all GS LC models including Adventure, it is completely made in Germany, and it comes with a five-year warranty for 169.90 Euros.

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