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Wunderlich‘s »ATON« LED auxiliary headlight for the BMW F 750 GS, F 850 GS and F 850 GS Adventure

Wunderlich is adding to its »ATON« range and is now offering the tried and tested LED auxiliary headlights for the current F 750 GS, F 850 GS and F 850 GS Adventure. The LED technology used means they consume less power while being extremely bright and long-lasting. They provide a significant plus for active and passive safety and are E-tested.

The even, fan-shaped illumination of the road and the significantly increased field of vision at night optimise the rider‘s active safety. The light spectrum chosen for the LEDs by the BMW accessories specialists from Grafschaft ensures realistic colour perception at night and thus ensures fatigue-free riding. They visibly expand the front silhouette and appearance of the bike at the same time. This combined with the colour of the light emitted, which also matches the colour of the main headlight, gives you decisively better visibility for other road users and thus significantly better passive safety. Not just in the rain and fog, in twilight or shaded forest roads, but in all possible lighting situations. This significantly reduces the risk of accidents linked to overlooking hazards. The light beam is precisely defined so that there‘s no chance of blinding oncoming traffic or being blinded by scattered light.
The housings are robustly manufactured and composed of black anodised aluminium. They are water resistant to protection class IP67. The brackets are made of black powder-coated steel. The model-specific bracket set ensures perfect integration of the headlights into the layout of the F model. Wunderlich produces its »ATON« LED auxiliary headlights in Germany so they come with a 5 year warranty. The set consisting of two headlights costs €390.00*).
Wunderlich also offers the tested »ATON« LED auxiliary headlights for numerous other BMW models and model series.

28340-602 - Wunderlich »ATON« LED auxiliary headlight - black (€390.00)
42839-102 - Wunderlich lamp protection grille for »ATON« auxiliary headlight - black (€99.90)

*Prices may vary from country to country

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Wunderlich »ATON« LED auxiliary headlight - black
Wunderlich lamp protection grille for »ATON« auxiliary head - black


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