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Press Release 10|2020 - Anything but mid-class!

Wunderlich components for the BMW F 900 and F 900 XR

The eagerly awaited BMW F 900 R and F 900 XR make the perfect additions to the mid-class Adventures F 750 and F 850 GS.

The BMW F 900 R shines as a beautiful, dynamic Roadster. The physical and visual centre of gravity is ideally concentrated in the front third of the vehicle. This is helped by the light-seeming rear end. A motorcycle that exudes lightness, easy manageability, agile sportiness and precision handling that are immediately apparent the moment you climb on and ride. BMW has labelled it the ‚Dynamic Roadster‘. Rightly so! It looks collected, powerful, bold and confident! And it‘s fun!

Let‘s turn to the F 900 XR. BMW has hereby lived up to the wish of many customers for an answer to the S 1000 XR in the mid-class segment. It resembles the look of the F 900 R. It invites you to climb on with the same lightness as the Roadster. The high handlebar is striking, inviting you to sit on the XR in an upright, forward-leading, integrated position. The F 900 XR is thus a promise to everyone who finds the S 1000 XR too heavy and performance-focussed. It closes the gap perfectly!

The BMW accessories specialists at Wunderlich pounced on the new mid-class vehicles from BMW and now already have a range of high-quality components for the attractive new 900s ready to go! Ergonomics, comfort, protection, safety and luggage solutions, Wunderlich suspension and other accessories too! All products are developed under the maxim of sophisticated functionality and crafted in premium quality.

The ergonomics can be perfectly adjusted to individual needs with the company‘s own ERGO handlebar risers and EVO1 footrest system. The glare shield for the instruments means you always have a clear view of the information on the TFT display. A suitable protective film provides optimum protection for anyone looking to avoid reflections caused by scratches in the display.

And speaking of protection: protective components for man and machine are one of Wunderlich‘s classic areas of expertise.

The tried and tested hand protectors provide protection for riders‘ hands, which Wunderlich offers in white, black, transparent or smoked grey tones and are now also available for the 900s. A matching mudguard extension reliably keeps dirt and water kicked up by the back wheel away from the rider‘s body.

The protective cover set for the clutch and alternator side is perfect for anyone who wants to protect their aggregate from secondary damage caused by falls or a mishap. The team from Grafschaft design their products on the principle of integrated design, so these covers not only protect but also look unashamedly attractive too. The discreet and effective protective pads for the axles are a classic offering in the accessory specialists‘ range of protective items. Wunderlich also offers a frame protection pad for the BMW F 900 R.

The round ATON LED auxiliary lights and the square MICROFLOOTERs turn night into day while also emphasising the front silhouette of the BMW F 900 R and XR, thereby increasing passive safety.

Spring is hot on our tails so if you find yourself struck by wanderlust, then Wunderlich offers a wide array of luggage solutions in the ELEPHANT & CO. range that leave nothing to be desired: adding to the classic ELEPHANT tank bag or the more compact »TOUR Edition« version, the seat and luggage carrier bag or rack pack bag that clips on, there are now also incredibly practical handlebar and frame bags that make use of every space.

The list goes on and on! The clearly laid out app and website from Wunderlich are a love declaration to everyone looking specifically for high-quality accessories for the two new mid-class bikes from BMW or those who simply want to „poke around“! Other components are already in development so the range for the BMW F 900 R and XR is growing all the time.

25800-101 - Wunderlich »ERGO« handlebar riser - silver (€89.90*)
25911-001 - Wunderlich »EVO1« Vario footrest (pair) (€119.90*)
27520-504 - Wunderlich hand guards - black (€139.90*)
21083-002 - Wunderlich glare shield for cockpit TFT 6.5 inch - Connectivity Display - black (€29.90*)
35834-002 - Wunderlich »DOUBLESHOCK« frame crash pad - black (€159.90*)
42156-102 - Wunderlich »DOUBLESHOCK« axle crash pads (€69.90*)
28380-102 - Wunderlich »ATON« LED auxiliary headlight (€399.00*)
26841-002 - Wunderlich protective cover set for clutch and alternator cover - black (€119.90*)
44150-000 - Wunderlich seat and  Rack Bag ELEPHANT - black (€179.90*)
40980-101 - Wunderlich tank bag ELEPHANT »TOUR Edition« - carbon (€139.90*)

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