Press Release 16|2021 - The perfect glasses case for riding

The perfect glasses case for riding

The Brillo Safe with »MULTICLAMP« adapter from Wunderlich

Ouch! Those who wear glasses know what it is like: bent frames, scratched lenses, or even worse, losing your glasses on a motorbike tour. Then what? Bent frames can still be temporarily repaired on the road, but scratched lenses? Scratches or even larger mechanical abrasions of the lenses cause an unpleasant refraction of light and cloud the clear view, especially at night, in rain and facing oncoming traffic. This is not only aggravating, but very dangerous as well! Especially in combination with a scratched helmet visor. Even more bothersome are glasses that get lost on the road, that slip out of your jacket pocket unnoticed while riding or at the petrol station. What is acceptable for sunglasses is really expensive for varifocals.

But where to keep your glasses safe and handy at the same time while riding?

Wunderlich combines the Brillo Safe with the MULTICLAMP quick-release system adapter, which fits the in-house multifunctional MULTICLAMP system, and creates a convincing remedy. This way, the glasses are safely protected while riding and at the same time easily accessible. For the protection of sensitive, expensive glasses, the accompanying bag is made of high-quality microfibre, which ensures that scratches are avoided and vibrations are dampened while riding. After storing the glasses, the Brillo Safe is closed with a foldable cover and then locked. The case is waterproof due to its solid cover construction with its form-fitting overlap. With the MULTICLAMP quick-release, the Brillo Safe can be easily released so that it can be inserted like a normal case when resting.
With the Brillo Safe, Wunderlich is consequently expanding the convincing and popular MULTICLAMP system! The Brillo Safe is an innovative glasses case that is ideally perfected for riding with the integrated MULTICLAMP quick-release system from Wunderlich.

Flexible fit for a wide range of motorbike brands and for many uses - Wunderlich‘s »MULTICLAMP« system

Due to the many versatile possibilities for adjusting the universal clamp MULTICLAMP (Item-No.: 45155-002), the Brillo Safe can be mounted on the handlebar or, in combination with the mirror clamp MULTICLAMP (Item-No.: 45155-302), on the mirror arm of almost any motorbike model. The adjustment of the Brillo Safe can be individually set transversely, parallel or at any desired angle to the direction of travel.
Wunderlich offers the Brillo Safe with the MULTICLAMP quick-release system adapter for 39.90 €* and a 5-year warranty on top of that. If no universal or mirror clamp has yet been fitted to the motorbike, it will have to be ordered separately, based on personal preference.

*Prices may vary from country to country

At a glance:

45153-102 - Brillo Safe »MULTICLAMP« glasses case - black

45155-002 - »MULTICLAMP« universal clamp
45155-302 - »MULTICLAMP« mirror clamp

• Brillo Safe used in combination with the »MULTICLAMP« quick-release system adapter protects your glasses and can be accessed at any time - the ideal glasses case for riding
• Can be mounted on almost any motorbike on the (tubular) handlebar with the universal clamp »MULTICLAMP« (45155-002) or on the mirror arm with the mirror clamp »MULTICLAMP« (45155-302).
• The quick-release system can be easily released to carry the case with you
• Waterproof due to its solid cover construction
• Microfibre bag included for protection and vibration damping
• Can be individually adjusted transversely, parallel or at any desired angle to the direction of travel
• The product is not limited to the use on BMW motorbikes, but can be used on a wide range of motorcycle brands

Technical data
   • PA6 (Akulon® F223-D)
Dimensions, inside:
   • Length 160mm
   • Width 61mm
   • Depth 35mm

Special features
• Made by Wunderlich
• 5 years warranty

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