Press Release 18|2021 - Up Until the Stop! But no Further!

Up Until the Stop! But no Further!

Wunderlich’s energy-absorbing steering stops for BMW motorcycles

Unfortunately, the original steering stops are simply not strong enough. The often small, inconspicuous metal block designed to prevent the handlebars from collapsing is merely suboptimal. If it weren’t for the welded or forged point, the usually undersized stops would become bent or torn off once decent force is applied. This can lead to damages by harmless falls or a firm knock. If this happens, the top yoke, tank, front fork, and frame are especially vulnerable to being damaged. In some cases, the operating permit may be lost due to the frame losing its registration since the part is relevant for the main inspection.

All this can lead to avoidable expensive repairs and a great deal of aggravation, not to mention potential injuries such as hands and arms trapped from the overturned handlebar.

Wunderlich offers a solution for significantly reducing the probability of breaking steering stops using energy-absorbing steering stop limiters for a wide array of BMW models.

With the limiters developed by Wunderlich, the steering stops, frame, and tank are optimally protected with support at the model-specific maximum steering angle. The product limits and dampens the steering angle in a fall due to large rubber blocks, even before the standard stops experiencing the full force from the impact. The product is designed so damping at initial impact is relatively soft and progressively increases based on the steering angle. The impact energy can be absorbed, protecting the original steering stops and reducing the risk of induced damages.

Not only is your beloved BMW better protected, it simultaneously offers increased protection for your hands and arms by reducing the chance of them being trapped.

Due to technical reasons, the protective function requires a slight reduction in the steering angle, which goes unnoticed in everyday use. The function of the steering lock is not affected.

Wunderlich offers the steering stop limiters for Telelever and models with telescopic forks.

The steering stop limiters can be installed with ease. They are attached to fork rods with high-quality 3M adhesive tape in addition to a zip tie, which fits nicely in the peripheral groove provided. In the case of the telelever, we developed a central bracket that holds the limiters, where installation isn’t an issue.

All products included are made in Germany, and a 5-year warranty is offered starting at 39.90€*.

*Prices may vary from country to country

At a glance:


31920-210 - Wunderlich steering stop limiter – black –
Price 39,90 €*
fitting to:
• S 1000 R (2014-)
• S 1000 RR
• S 1000 XR

31920-220 - Wunderlich steering stop limiter – black –
Price 39,90 €*
fitting to:
• F 850 GS und Adventure (2018-)
• F 900 R/XR
• R 1250 R/RS
• R 1200 R/RS LC

31920-230 - Wunderlich steering stop limiter – black –
Price 39,90 €*
fitting to:
• R 1250 RT
• R 1200 RT LC (2014-)
• R nineT (2014-)

31920-101 - Wunderlich steering stop limiter – silver / black –
Price 99,90 €*
fitting to:
• R 1250 RT
• R 1200 RT LC (2014-)

34450-102 - Wunderlich steering stop limiter – black –
Price 99,90 €*
fitting to:
• R 1250 GS und Adventure
• R1200 GS LC (2013-)
• R 1200 GS LC Adventure (2014-)

• Energy-absorbing limiters protect the original steering stops in the event of a falling over or fall and reduce the risk of bending or breaking off
• Limiting and damping the steering stop
• The steering lock can be used without restriction

Technical data
   • Rubber, with energy-absorbing, progressive damping properties

Special features
• Wunderlich Premium Product.
• Design. Functional and integrated.
• 60 days return policy
• Made by Wunderlich
• Made in Germany
• 5 years warranty

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