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Wunderlich adjustment mechanism »VARIO« for the high windshield of the BMW F 750/850 GS

You have to let Wunderlich developers do that, if they start something, they will do their job perfectly. This is reflected in almost every product whose think tank has its origin in Grafschaft, and also applies to the adjustment mechanism »VARIO«, which motorcycle fans have developed for the BMW F 750 and 850 GS.

Windshields are a field in which Wunderlich can look back on many years of know-how and experience and draw from this pool. The windshield with the windshield adjustment, which is also suitable for the Wunderlich »MARATHON« windshield as well as for the large one of BMW, can not only be steplessly shifted in height by up to 56 mm from the basic setting, but also in their inclination vary by 11 °. With the well-thought-out mechanism with slide guides, it is guaranteed to find the right personal adjustment. The adjustment paths are so generously dimensioned that even in two-man operation or when the machine is fully loaded, the optimal alignment of the disc in height and inclination can be achieved in just a few simple steps. With the large, handy and ergonomically arranged knurled wheel, which can of course also be easily operated with gloves, the setting can be quickly adapted on the go.

It is typical of Wunderlich that the choice of material was stainless steel, which simply combines the best material properties. The adjustment mechanism is robustly constructed with generous material thicknesses and stiffening folds. The execution is high quality, the backdrops are clean. This effectively reduces the dynamic forces from the wind load and possible turbulence-related vibrations from the air flow to a minimum.

The »VARIO« windshield adjustment mechanism thus fulfills all expectations of a Wunderlich product: it is innovative, functional, made of the best materials, highest precision in production and assembly, and Made in Germany. As usual, Wunderlich made sure from the start that the customer could easily install the windshield adjustment.

Wunderlich manufactures the functional windshield adjustment »VARIO« in small series in Germany. The price of € 119.90* includes a 5-year warranty.

You can find components for all current BMW motorcycle models and older model series at

25370-400 - Wunderlich windshield adjustment »VARIO« (€ 119,90*)

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