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More protection from Wunderlich: reinforcement bar for the BMW F 850 GS Adventure

This reinforcement bar fits like a glove: It not only complements the protection of the Adventure, it effectively reinforces and perfects it. It almost ironed out the weakness on the open flank of the standard engine protection bar of the BMW F 850 GS Adventure. It provides additional structural rigidity throughout the entire pipe system, and its design is such that its curved shape also reduces the stress peaks that occur.
It comes from Wunderlich.

The rear, free end of the original engine protection bar of the Adventure has no support to the frame. This is the Achilles‘ heel of the engine protection bar. In the case of a fall or overturning, it tends to give in because the forces are not transferred directly into the frame. There is a risk of damaging the clutch or alternator covers.

Wunderlich has reliably eliminated this shortcoming. The reinforcement bar connects the rear, free end of the engine protection bar to the frame. Forces acting are additionally intercepted via the bracket and introduced into the frame structure at a suitable point. This measure prevents the engine protection bar from giving in and reduces the risk of damage to the side engine covers.
Precisely shaped on CNC tube bending machines, welded clean, the reinforcement is made by Wunderlich from precision stainless steel tube with a tube diameter of 25 mm. The surfaces are glass bead blasted and electropolished. The reinforcement integrates perfectly into the design of the original engine protection bar.

Wunderlich offers the set of reinforcement bars (Item-no.: 41875-000) for the right and left side for € 149.90*. The reinforcement bar is made in Germany and therefore Wunderlich gives a 5-year warranty.
Wunderlich offers helpful protection systems for all current and many older BMW model series:

41875-000 - Wunderlich reinforcement bar for the original engine protection bar - stainless steel (€ 149,90*)

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