Press Release 27|2020 - Wunderlich virtual: instead of Garmisch!

Unfortunately, this year‘s BMW Days in Garmisch have fallen victim to corona.

That‘s why on the Saturday of the first weekend in July, we‘d like to offer some variety and entertainment – in times of social distancing, we‘re moving our entertaining event to the virtual world on our Facebook channel!


Wunderlich virtual – live and interactive – with the programme led by Jens Kuck!

  • Take part in the world premiere when we present our Wunderlich EDITION 35-GS models #1 and #2 for the first time as part of an exciting show
  • Take a peak behind the curtains of individual areas at our corporate headquarters
  • Experience the emergence of a Wunderlich product and how it comes to the motorcycle
  • Questions can be answered in English and German
  • Get to know our international ambassadors, partners and friends - impressive characters from all over the world
  • Live presentation of our exhibition bikes
  • Interview with Frank Hoffmann, our managing director

Let the virtual Wunderlich world surprise you and put this date in your diary: Saturday, 4th July 2020, from 4 PM.

Photos of our new conversions can be downloaded after the event at: Edition 35

Web links:
Facebook Live Wunderlich Action
Wunderlich virtual



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