Press Release 36|2020 - Close the gap!

Close the gap!

Wunderlich‘s integrated frame cover for the BMW R 1250 GS/R 1200 GS LC protects rider and motorcycle - also fits the Adventure models


The tubular frame of the R 1250 GS and the R 1200 GS LC as well as that of the Adventure models, along with the unmistakable ShiftCam boxer, characterises the side view of the large GS. The triangular segment underneath the driver‘s seat allows a view of the rear wheel, swingarm bearing and suspension strut. However, when it rains or when riding on unpaved terrain, the disadvantage of the open frame structure becomes apparent. Splash water, road dirt, spray and, in off-road conditions, even stones thrown up in the air, can reach the rider‘s and pillion‘s legs unhindered. In addition to the uncomfortable soaking of clothing, the machine itself becomes naturally dirty. Also annoying.

The frame coverings designed by the Wunderlich developers have a double effect: They protect the rider‘s and pillion‘s and the machine effectively and reliably. The two covers close the side openings of the rear frame right and left with a perfect fit. Dirt, stone chips, spray water or spray are effectively collected or drained before they reach the driver or passenger. Dirt on the machine is visibly reduced.

The high-quality PP plastic used is generously dimensioned with 3 mm material thickness, the shape provides additional stability and component rigidity. The material is dyed-through in black. Mounting and dismounting are very easy.

The design, which is dynamic due to the grooves, has a high recognition value, remains discreet and appears unobtrusive and coherent on the motorbike.

Wunderlich gives a 5-year warranty on the helpful cover set and offers it at a price of 116,88 €*.

Wunderlich has developed a carefully matched range of protective components for feet and legs especially for the R 1250 GS, the R 1200 GS LC and the Adventure versions.



20800-202 - Wunderlich frame cover - black (116,88 €*)

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Wunderlich frame cover - black
All coordinated protective components for the BMW R 1250 GS, the R 1200 GS LC and the Adventure variants

*Prices may vary from country to country.


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