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Press Release 36|2021 - The »R 18 Edition« rev counter

The »R 18 Edition« rev counter

Wunderlich‘s analog rev counter for the BMW R 18 models

The cockpits of classic airplanes or cars still carried the impressive clock collection of analog instruments. This was also equally true for sophisticated motorcycles, which, in addition to the obligatory speedometer, absolutely had to feature a rev counter. The BMW R 18 and R 18 Classic do have a classic speedometer - anything else would have been out of style - but many owners are missing the time-honored rev counter and thus also the analog information about the respective engine speed of their big boxer!

Here it is, the electronic rev counter „R 18 Edition“, which Wunderlich has produced in a small, fine series for the BMW R 18 models. The Grafschafter have paid meticulous attention to ensuring that the scale division (display up to 6000 rpm), the indices, the dial graphics and the font used correspond to those of the BMW speedometer. The same applies to the high-quality chrome-plated glass surround of the black rev counter housing. So stylistically everything fits together and the rev counter looks as if it had always been in place. Since Wunderlich doesn‘t do things by halves, the developers have of course also matched the LED lighting to the speedometer in terms of light color and brightness. Thus, the rev counter, which harmonizes perfectly with the speedometer, blends into the cockpit of the R 18 and the R 18 Classic by day and by night, and the entire ensemble appears to be made of one piece!

The installation takes place on the left above the speedometer. The precise mounting kit is included, as well as the ready-prepared electrical connections.


Even BMW R nineT riders do not have to stand back with the rev counter!

Wunderlich also offers a rev counter for the popular Heritage models under Item-No.: 44587-002.


At a glance:


44587-202 - Wunderlich rev counter »R 18 Edition« - chrome-plated

The facts


  • Perfectly completes the cockpit of the BMW R 18 and R 18 Classic: the electronic Wunderlich rev counter
  • You always have the engine speed of your big boxer in sight
  • All of a piece: dial graphics, housing design and illumination are perfectly matched to the standard speedometer
  • Installation on the left above the speedometer - mounting kit and vehicle-specific wiring harness for easy connection included

Technical data

  • Display range: 0 - 6000 rpm
        • Diameter housing:   ø 48 mm
        • Diameter front ring:   ø 52,5 mm
        • Housing depth:   45 mm

Wunderlich benefits

  • Wunderlich product. Small series. Hand crafted.
  • Wunderlich Design. Functional and integrated.
  • Made by Wunderlich
  • Made in Germany
  • 60 days return policy - test without any risk
  • 5 years warranty

The price

The price of the rev counter is €199.90*.

*Price may vary from country to country


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