Press Release 33|2020 - Taken on the leash!

Taken on the leash!

Wunderlich‘s helmet anti-theft system »HELM-LOCK« – now available for the BMW F 900 R und XR

As important as the helmet is for the safety of the rider, it is and remains a nuisance when you carry it with you. The »HELM-LOCK« system from Wunderlich provides a solution. Its developers have now presented the solid, safe and easy-to-use helmet locking system for the BMW F 900 R and XR. Following the saying „Never change a running system“, the Ringen-based company has now adapted the construction principle, which has already proven itself in many other BMW model series, for the F models.

The »HELM-LOCK« anti-theft system is made of aluminium and stainless steel, has a typically Wunderlich well thought-out design, high-quality workmanship, is functional and perfectly integrated into the motorcycle. The robust base is securely mounted under the seat. It is additionally secured by the mounted and locked seat. The length of the safety rope is dimensioned so that up to two helmets can be secured. The wire rope has a diameter of 5 mm and this alone prevents thieves from taking possession of other people‘s property. The neatly designed thimbles of the rope ends are hooked into the mounting device of the holding base and securely fixed by a spring-supported latch. This makes it impossible to open the latch without lifting the seat. These safety features are only available from Wunderlich. A further advantage is that no additional lock is required and therefore no additional key must be carried. The transparent, generously dimensioned sheathing of the safety rope made of silicone protects helmets, their interior and the motorcycle itself from scratches and damage to the paintwork. When not in use, the rope is simply stored underneath the seat so that it is always ready to use, saving space and ensuring that the safety rope cannot be seen.

With Wunderlich‘s »HELM-LOCK« anti-theft system, helmets can therefore be easily and safely „taken on the leash“. It is easy to use, safe and helpful, so that you don‘t want to miss it anymore.

The price of 68,14 €* includes 5 years warranty. All »HELM-LOCK« security devices from Wunderlich are „Made in Germany“.


44320-800 - Wunderlich helmet anti-theft system »HELM-LOCK« (68,14 €*)


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