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Press Release 41|2020 - Smart engine protection bar!

Smart engine protection bar!

Wunderlich engine protection bar »PRO« for the new BMW S 1000 XR

The high-quality components that Wunderlich has in its range for BMW motorcycles are mainly high-tech products. An engine protection bar in general, on the other hand, would at first sight rather be classified as a low-tech product.

Quite different with Wunderlich. To call the new two-part engine protection bar system (one bar for the right, one for the left) for the new BMW S 1000 XR a low-tech product would not do it justice. Quite the opposite: this Wunderlich innovation contains a lot of brainpower, technical expertise and deep, BMW-specific know-how.

Of course, you can assume that this two-piece engine protection bar »PRO«, protects the bike just as you would expect it to. It offers maximum protection and maximum lean angle at minimum weight. It is made of black powder-coated precision steel tubing, which is precisely formed on CNC tube bending machines and neatly welded in welding gauges. With its slim shape, it fits harmoniously into the design layout and contours of the new, big XR. So far, so good.

No modification of the fairing is necessary for installation!

What sounds obvious, isn‘t fact. In contrast to other engine protection bar solutions, with the Wunderlich construction the fairing does not have to be notched out at the upper frame-side fastening point. The geometry of the engine guard is designed in such a way that it is not necessary to cut out the fairing in order to fix it to the frame. Cutting out or notching the fairing involves the risk of damaging the fairing so that it may have to be repainted at great expense. All this is not necessary with the Wunderlich solution, which also allows the engine protection bar »PRO« to be simply retrofitted, because the original shape of the fairing is kept.

Special silent mounting as vibration damper.

A second important point is the special, vibration-decoupled fastening of the engine guard halves at the top of the frame and at the bottom of the engine. On the frame side the guard is screwed in the conventional way. On the engine side, the Wunderlich engineers use a specially developed silent mounting. The lower ends of the engine protection bar are each inserted axially into the silent mounting, which acts as the lower mount, with a tight fit.

Why so much effort?

Why do they do this, why do they go to such effort? This is where the great experience and knowledge of the people who work at Wunderlich come into the game. At Wunderlich, they deal with nothing but BMW motorcycles. The engine of the S 1000 XR is a high performance engine with a liter output of 160 HP. In addition, this technical masterpiece has an excellent power-to-weight ratio. This means nothing other than that the engine is very light and filigree in relation to its performance. Wunderlich takes this fact into account with the special design for decoupling the engine from the protection bar, which considerably reduces external mechanical stress.

This serves to decouple the bar bolted to the frame from the engine in terms of vibration, thus avoiding the undesired transmission of vibrations and shocks, especially unwanted coupling vibrations.

In the event of a fall, the guard is supported axially by the O-ring at the inner stop of the silent mounting, which acts as a vibration damper and stop and absorbs the forces that occur. The second O-ring absorbs the radial forces and absorbs additional energy.

Wunderlich manufactures the engine protection bar »PRO« in Germany and the price of 271,96 €* includes a 5 year warranty.

Wunderlich manufactures a variety of protection components for all current BMW motorcycles as well as for many older BMW models.


35835-002 - Wunderlich engine protection bar »PRO« - black (271,96 €*)

*Prices may vary from country to country.

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