Press Release 45|2020 - On any Sunday! Trackday!

On any Sunday! Trackday!

Wunderlich presents the slim »TRACKDAY« license plate holder for the BMW S 1000 RR

A day on the track includes carefully preparing the machine for the race. This means reducing the weight to a maximum and temporarily dismantling everything that could have a negative impact on the aerodynamics.
Wunderlich‘s license plate holder »TRACKDAY« can be removed for this purpose in no time at all: this saves weight and improves aerodynamics during races or track training. Beyond these requirements, its sporty, puristic appearance on the road always cuts more than just a good, slim and sporty figure!

When used on the racetrack, dismantling and reassembling the license plate holder in the shortest possible time is an absolute must. For this purpose, the Wunderlich technicians, who also develop the Wunderlich MOTORSPORT racing bikes, have designed both the mechanical and the electrical connections for good accessibility and easy handling. For this purpose they have laid the cable connections and plugs from the difficult to access side panels under the passenger seat/passenger seat cover and provided two extra holders for this purpose. With this clever solution, no tools are required to disconnect and connect to the vehicle‘s electrical system. This makes the RR »TRACKDAY« compatible in just a few steps. Wunderlich speaks of integrated, functional design.

After dismantling the original license plate holder, a fist-sized opening is created under the seat, which is permanently closed with a precisely fitting shell-shaped cover, which is part of the license plate holder‘s scope of delivery. It remains in place during road and racing use and serves as a base for the removable license plate holder. In addition, the »TRACKDAY« license plate holder has all the typical features of a Wunderlich license plate holder: The angle of inclination for the license plate is adjustable and the holders for the original turn signals are prepared. The whole thing is rounded off with a discreet LED license plate illumination with E-approval mark.

The »TRACKDAY« license plate holder is road legal, there is no approval necessary.

The price of the high-quality conversion components is 194,86 €*, Made in Germany and 5 years warranty are included.

Wunderlich offers high-quality components for all current BMW model series and many older BMW models.

36090-102 - Wunderlich »TRACKDAY« licence plate holder - black

*Prices may vary from country to country

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