Press Release 47|2020 - Water radiator protection »EXTREME«

Water radiator protection »EXTREME«

Wunderlich presents new protection components for the BMW F 900 R and XR

What applies to the BMW F 900 R also applies to its adventurous sister, the XR: for an effective air flow to cool the engine, the water radiators are optimally arranged in the air stream. Due to their exposed installation position, however, the filigree fins of both radiator systems are exposed to stone chips, sharp-edged foreign objects and insects without protection. Insects clog the radiator and reduce the cooling capacity just as much as fins deformed by stone chips or other foreign objects. In the worst case, leaks can occur. With a damaged radiator, it is not possible to continue riding under any circumstances.

For the two F-models R and XR, the experienced BMW accessory specialists from Ringen now offers a convincing, tailor-made, model-specific solution for the reliable protection of the water radiators. Wunderlich adds a stainless steel grille with an aluminum frame. Both are manufactured and finished with high quality and precision.  

The fact that the design is functional and integrated is a prerequisite for Wunderlich. Just like the accuracy of fit. The production and assembly are done in Germany. The installation on the motorcycle itself is easy to manage, the necessary material is included.

Wunderlich offers a 5 year warranty on the water radiator protection »EXTREME« of the BMW F 900 R and XR. Their price is identical and is 136,37 €* incl. VAT.

Wunderlich offers many protection components for all current and many older BMW model series.  

32021-002 - Wunderlich »EXTREME« water radiator protection for the BMW F 900 R
32022-002 - Wunderlich »EXTREME« water radiator protection for the BMW F 900 XR

*Prices may vary from country to country

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»EXTREME« water radiator protection for the BMW F 900 R
»EXTREME« water radiator protection for the BMW F 900 XR


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