Press Release 49|2020 - Clear view!

Clear view!

Wunderlich‘s »MARATHON« windshield for the BMW S 1000 XR

Wunderlich‘s brand new »MARATHON« windshield for the BMW S 1000 XR also follows the motto „Form follows function“! This means that it fits seamlessly into the large phalanx of Wunderlich »MARATHON« screens that BMW motorcyclists all over the world rely on when they want effective wind and weather protection. And they are always convincing in terms of design as well. In addition to their function, all Wunderlich components also follow the guiding principle of integrated design, which the Ringen-based company applies to every model.  

The result is a convincing and proven windshield that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of ergonomics, protection, functionality, precision, material and design. The streamlined silhouette, coupled with solid mechanical stability, ensures a pleasant laminar air flow and maximum wind and weather protection. The contours, whose aerodynamics are meticulously calculated and only receive their final, fine polish in extensive road tests, have a high recognition value, but without imposing themselves. A screen that underlines the character of the BMW S 1000 XR with its integrated shape. And that even though it is much more generously dimensioned than the original windshield!

The Wunderlich typical high-quality workmanship and experience is easy to recognize when you look through it: a clear view, without distorting optical flaws that irritate. Another trademark: the hand-polished edges of the windshield, which make a separate edge protection unnecessary, as well as the simple assembly, to which Wunderlich attaches great importance with all components. These product features apply to both, the transparent and the smoked grey colored windshield.

In other words, properties that stand for relaxed riding and pronounced long-distance comfort and thus - completely incidentally - increase passive safety. The windshield offers optimum relief from wind pressure for the head, upper body and shoulders as well as a noticeable reduction in turbulence and therefore plays out its full potential on long as well as short distances and in all seasons.

The »MARATHON« windshield is simply mounted on the standard height adjustment of the BMW S 1000 XR, which can be operated in the usual way.

Wunderlich gives a 5-year warranty on the valuable product, whose price is 189,90 €*.

Wunderlich offers its proven »MARATHON« windshield, always designed specifically for each model, for almost all current and many older BMW model series.

*Price may vary from country to country


At a glance:

35753-001 - Wunderlich »MARATHON« windshield - transparent
35753-002 - Wunderlich »MARATHON« windshield - smoked grey

• Maximum relief for head, upper body and arms
• Perfect view under all conditions
• Aerodynamically optimally aligned
• Thanks to a special production technique, the pane does not require edge protection
• Integrates perfectly into the overall layout
• The function of the original height adjustment remains as usual

Technical info
• Material: extremely tough, scratch-resistant, UV and fuel
  resistant PMMA polymer
• width: 415 mm
• height: 485 mm
• thickness: 5 mm

• Wunderlich design. Functional and integrated.
• Small series. Made by hand.
• 5 years warrant
• Made in Europe


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