Press Release 53|2020 - Rock‘n‘Roll for the R 18!

Rock‘n‘Roll for the R 18!

Wunderlich Exclusive: Components for Customizing

The spirit, inventiveness and innovative spirit of the Wunderlich developers knows no bounds! The motto of the specialists for high-quality accessories for BMW motorcycles is clear: „We are motorcyclists. And we turn the throttle!“.  And the rate of speed at Wunderlich is enormous. Just recently, the company presented the first components for the BMWs of the „Edition 40 Years GS“ to the public, and now the remarkable, model-specific launch portfolio for the BMW R 18 follows.

A portfolio of eye-catching products with which BMW R 18 owners can customize their cruiser. Wunderlich relies on the proven principle of integrating the products perfectly with flair. This concerns the exterior, the external values of the components that determine the design. The inner values result from the proven development and design principles of the specialists, so that always the best application-oriented functionality, the requirement-oriented dimensioning and the huge fund of BMW-specific know-how flow into the products. And the passion.

The quintessence: High-quality equipment, high-quality conversion and customization - individuality out of the box - now also for the BMW R 18

Anyone who combines Wunderlich‘s „Rock‘n‘Roll“ fairing with the other high-quality components, i.e. engine guard, Sissybar and license plate holder, sets differentiated accents and thus already sets his individual R 18 apart from the standard version. The Sissybar and engine guard can be selected either in black or chrome. Other components will follow shortly - so there are many possible combinations, leaving nothing to be desired.
» Wunderlich Exclusive: Components for Customizing

Rock ‚n‘ Roll for the handlebar - hand-painted and hand-lined

With the Rock ‚n‘ Roll cockpit fairing, Wunderlich presents an exceptionally designed, handlebar-mounted fairing that has a high recognition value even at first glance. It combines noble appearance with sportiness in a balanced way. The noblesse is achieved by picking up and continuing the white double line of the R 18 on the matching deep black (Blackstorm metallic) background. The two lines of different widths are applied by hand by an expert in his field, who is a perfect master of the art of using drag brushes. The painting itself is also done by hand. The exceptionally narrow, elongated shape and form, which is angled toward the driver, combined with the smoked grey tinted windshield provide the sporty touch. The whole thing fits naturally into the high-quality design of the Bavarian cruiser and emphasizes the same, and not just in the front and side silhouette of the big boxer.
In addition to the design, the qualitative aspects are not neglected at Wunderlich, as is well known, on the contrary. The cockpit fairing, which encloses the headlight precisely and with a small gap dimension, is deep-drawn. Subsequently, the shape is produced precisely on a CNC milling machine. The discreet bracket is made of matching powder-coated precision steel tubing. Its three-dimensional shape ensures precise connections and the necessary rigidity of the base for the cockpit fairing.
» Wunderlich cockpit fairing and windshield »SPORT« for the BMW R 18

An engine guard made from decent 32 precision steel tube

This is the first engine guard made of 32mm tube from Wunderlich! For two reasons the designers have chosen this tube dimension: For strength reasons, in order to optimally protect the R 18, and for aesthetic reasons.Because only the 32 mm pipe looks formally balanced on the imposing R 18 and in the environment of the mighty manifold pipes.  In addition, the closed, one-piece shape of the guard was deliberately chosen, which, in addition to its dimensions, contributes additional structural rigidity. In this way, the protective bar, which can be either high-quality chrome-plated or black powder- and clear-coated, blends in with the overall styling of the R 18. According to Wunderlich, it is no coincidence that the spade-shaped design is reminiscent of the guards on the classic air-cooled BMW boxers.
» Wunderlich engine guard for the BMW R 18

Beautiful rear end thanks to Sissybar

The Sissybar from Wunderlich for the BMW R 18 not only allows the pillion passenger to travel much more safely, comfortably and relaxed thanks to the comfortable cushion, it also emphasizes the appealing rear of the R 18 with its high-quality design. The design perfectly follows the styling of the R 18 while setting a coordinated accent. With an eye for detail, Wunderlich has had the same high-quality upholstery material used to cover the original bench seat. The upholsterer has joined the individual sections together with the matching seam pattern adapted to the seat. Discreet, select and -no matter whether black or chrome- perfectly matched to the R 18!
» Wunderlich Sissybar for the BMW R 18

Clear view of the rear wheel: R 18 side license plate holder

The Wunderlich license plate holder allows a clear view of the magnificent rear wheel of the BMW R 18. In addition, the skilfully designed construction blends discreetly into the line of the cruiser. Matching the noble frame of the R 18, the Ringeners have powder-coated the license plate holder in black and finished it with clear lacquer. The simple mounting is concealed on existing mounting points on the swingarm. The cable routing for the license plate lighting is - as is often the case with Wunderlich - clever and invisible within the tubes of the license plate holder. The LED license plate light in the milled housing, can be mounted either on top or on the side.
» Wunderlich license plate holder for the BMW R 18


The nice thing about Wunderlich is that the assembly of the components, i.e. the conversion of your own motorcycle, is easy to do with a little manual skill and technical affinity. Standard at Wunderlich: Wunderlich gives 5 years warranty on the components and where necessary provide German Type approval for road usec.

18000-012 - Wunderlich cockpit fairing painted and lined - black-white
18000-022 - Wunderlich windshield »SPORT« - low - smoked grey
18000-021 - Wunderlich windshield »SPORT« - low - clear
18100-002 - Wunderlich engine guard - black
18100-000 - Wunderlich engine guard - chromed
18110-002 - Wunderlich Sissybar - black
18110-000 - Wunderlich Sissybar - chromed
18500-002 - Wunderlich side plate holder - black

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Wunderlich Exclusive: Components for Customizing

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