Special Press Release | Ice-cold luggage

Cool bag summer campaign at Wunderlich

Summer is well and truly here – the summer sun is blazing in a clear blue sky and sending temperatures soaring. So when you’re outdoors on a motorbike, you need to think about a little cool refreshment – to keep a cool head in the hectic heat. 

Wunderlich, the No. 1 worldwide for high quality BMW motorcycle accessories, is doing its bit to help by providing a practical cool bag along with some of its functional luggage solutions – as a free complementary product. The quality bag is completely free of PVC and food-safe. It fits perfectly in a tank bag or seat bag and keeps drinks, fruit, chocolate bars and much more besides refreshingly cool for a longer period of time. This cool offer is available from now on to the start of the autumn on 23 September 2018 while the substantial stocks in Sinzig last for the following parts from the Wunderlich range:

• Elephant Black Edition« tank bag; part no. 20600-000; €199.90
• Elephant Camouflage Edition« tank bag; part no. 20600-200; €209.00
• Elephant« seat and luggage rack bag; part no. 44150-000; €179.90
• Elephant« topcase bag; part no. 44160-000; €149.90
• Elephant Basic Edition« tank; bag part no. 40980-000; €159.90
• BagPacker ll« pannier bag, left; part no. 20790-000; €119.90
• BagPacker ll« pannier bag, right; part no. 20790-100; €119.90 119,90 €
• S1000R / RR seat and luggage rack bag; part no. 44150-100; €179.90

You will find more information at: https://www.wunderlich.de/en/worldofexperience/ice-cold-luggage-wunderlich-cooling-bag/

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