Special Press Release 51|2020 - Wunderlich BLAU

Wunderlich BLAU

Wunderlich climate protection: Expansion of the photovoltaic system from 600 to 1,300 m2

The sustainability initiative of Wunderlich GmbH is called: Wunderlich BLAU. The initiative touches all divisions of the internationally successful company, which as a specialist develops and manufactures high-quality components for BMW motorcycles and delivers them from Germany to the whole world.

How seriously the company takes the Wunderlich BLAU initiative, which was initiated at the beginning of 2017, can be seen from the fact that the company is currently more than doubling the area of its own photovoltaic system and expanding it from 600 to 1,300 m2 in order to make an active contribution to climate protection.

Wunderlich Managing Director Frank Hoffmann: "We have committed ourselves to the responsibility for both: human and nature. In concrete terms and in relation to the environment, this means that we are in a constant process of consistently focusing on sustainability in all parts of the company. In this way we constantly identify relevant potentials in the manufacturing processes, in the workflow organization and in logistics. Following an evaluation procedure, we give preference to those that promise the greatest effects. What I am particularly pleased about is that our employees have enthusiastically supported this initiative and are delighted to have developed an ambitious sensitivity for this topic and the opportunities it offers".  

For example, the company has been able to save or offset 175 t (tons) of CO2 in logistics this year. "As an internationally active company with a high proportion of shipments, we see this area as our particular challenge and responsibility," adds Frank Hoffmann.

"With the electricity produced by our photovoltaic system, we are helping to reduce, or rather avoid, the climate-damaging CO2 emissions. Due to very good experiences in the past at our old location, we had already expanded 600 m2 of the roof of our newly built company headquarters with high-performance photovoltaic modules in the first expansion phase in 2019. Currently, a further area of approx. 700 m2 is being added, whose elements have an even higher efficiency and are therefore even more efficient. The work on this will be completed shortly and commissioning is planned for around Christmas," explains Wunderlich operations manager Felix Abel.

"With these measures, we will increase the total output by 125% to 180 kW. In terms of annual production, we expect an increase from about 100 MWh to probably more than 220 MWh. This means that we will avoid almost 75 t CO2 in the current year and with the expanded plant it will probably be as much as 165 t," adds Frank Hoffmann.

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