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Special Press Release - Off and away! We really mean business!

Wunderlich is moving

Monday 30 September 2019 will be the day: then the doors to the new Wunderlich company headquarters will be opened. The enterprise, which enjoys global recognition as the number one for high-quality and innovative accessories for BMW motorcycles, will move into its new building complex at the Innovationspark Rheinland (IPR) in Grafschaft-Ringen. Conveniently situated directly beside the A 61 and just a stone’s throw away from the HARIBO headquarters, which can be seen from far and wide.

It all kicks off on 30 September 2019: the start of business in the new, spacious corporate headquarters

“We’ll be getting down to business early on 21 September and taking down our tents at our old site in Sinzig. We’ll be using our one week of factory holidays for the move and from 30 September, we will be located at the Innovationspark Rheinland at 6-8 Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Straße in 53501 Grafschaft-Ringen, ready to get back to work! We are well prepared so everything should go smoothly”, adds Frank Hoffmann, Wunderlich’s managing director, “we are looking forward to our new exhibition space, which will give us the opportunity to present the entire innovative world of Wunderlich, our brand, our sub-brands and our extensive product categories for BMW motorcycles to our customers adequately and in a spacious setting. We can now once again provide our employees with suitable workspaces. They have always made the best of the tight conditions in Sinzig over the past two years, for which we are very grateful to them”.

Comprehensive arrangements - the Wunderlich Web Shop and App will remain accessible even during the relocation phase!

“A relocation like this requires comprehensive planning and preparation of the logistics so that it can be done quickly and smoothly. However, our German and international customers expect us to be available. That’s why our Web Shop and the Wunderlich-App will also be available during the relocation phase to handle all orders. We would kindly request, however, that you factor in a little more time than usual for us to handle commissioning and shipping”, says Felix Abel, the man responsible for logistics at Wunderlich. “During the relocation, we will also be moving our three warehouses with more than 25,000 storage items to our new, ultra-modern, narrow-aisle high bay warehouse. We have designed this warehouse with a high space utilisation ratio. It will allow to significantly increase the efficiency of our logistical processes in future by using the latest forklift trucks. This will also make us futureproof in terms of the planned growth of the parcelling service”.

Wunderlich BLAU. Sustainability and responsibility for people and nature

More efficient logistical processes weren’t the only item in the successful company’s specifications, however. The international brand is extremely open to new things. That’s why the pleasure in innovation is also expressed in the architecture and reflected in the technical design of the building. Felix Wunderlich, attorney and head of product management and research at Wunderlich: “Our goal was to approach this task with essentially the same standards and benchmarks as we apply to our products and components. The building is intended to encapsulate our understanding of quality, functionality, design and innovation. I think we’ve managed this. Our photovoltaic system, for example, produces three to four times more power than we need ourselves. Our heating systems are each designed specifically according to the use of the space, with panel heating in the ceiling or floor. We use a heat pump system so that our company headquarters meets the KfW 55 standard in conjunction with the elaborate heat insulation system and is thus designed to be highly energy efficient. Here at Wunderlich, we have given a name to our initiative for sustainability and environmental protection: Wunderlich BLAU. It stands for our sensitivity, for our responsibility to people and nature. It guides us in the development of products, during social engagements and it also formed the basis of our plans for our new company headquarters. In keeping with this, we always contracted local craft businesses wherever possible”.

Official opening celebrations and “35 years of Wunderlich” in April 2020

Frank Hoffmann adds: “We will be located in Innovationspark Rheinland as of 30 September, back for our customers and ready to welcome them! We will be operational, opening our exhibition, our shop, our testing and service centre and handling the smooth launch at the new site. We will be celebrating our opening celebrations with our customers, partners, journalists and friends of the company on the last weekend of April 2020 with our Wunderlich “Anfahrt”, among other things. And there is a second important reason to celebrate: 2020 will mark the 35th anniversary of Wunderlich’s foundation. I now cordially invite you to join us!”

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