Special Press Release Wunderlich-App

Launch of the Wunderlich-App in English on March 8, 2019

Wunderlich-AppDays from the 15th of March 2019!

Wunderlich, the BMW motorcycle accessories specialist, stands for innovative, high-quality and individual components. The innovation and customer focus of the company from Sinzig / Rhein is now demonstrated by the presentation of the Wunderlich-App in English for smartphones. Wunderlich CEO Frank Hoffmann: „Almost every one of our customers owns a smartphone and it has become an indispensable everyday item. We just want to take this circumstance into account. You organize and handle your personal everyday affairs immediately: Be it a bank transfer, a hotel reservation, tickets for the concert. With apps you have your personal access. The annoying login is eliminated. Just as uncomplicated and comfortable is our Wunderlich-App. Once logged in, you have easy access to the Wunderlich world anytime, anywhere: on your own customer account, the latest product highlights, background information, catalog ordering, dealer locator or contact form, exciting events, Wunderlich Motorsport, promotions, appointments, scene tips and much more. Our app is built like a Wunderlich product. It is functional, well thought-out, high-quality and individual! Easy and intuitive to use.“ There is nothing comparable to the Wunderlich-App in the field of specialized motorcycle accessories. Thus Wunderlich is an absolute trendsetter not only with its components, but also with its digital offer for its customers and underlines the fundamentally innovative claim of the brand.

Wunderlich flanks Wunderlich-App with the Wunderlich-AppDays, from 15th of March 2019 to March 31, 2019. All participants expect special promotions, bonuses and coupons and over 150 prices worth over € 10,000!



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