The centre stand. The stepchild?

Not if Wunderlich is involved. Centre stand for BMW R nineT and R nineT Scrambler as well as the Urban G/S.

The stepchild for the controller in the motorcycle industry is the centre stand. 

Thereby the centre stand is a helpful and useful add-on component that nobody would want to miss in all kinds of situations. And yet it remains virtually invisible. Anyone looking for a respectable centre stand for their R nineT, R nineT Scrambler or Urban G/S will find exactly what they ‘re looking for from the BMW accessories specialist Wunderlich. The stand can easily be fitted at the points provided on the frame. It has a sturdy attachment and the lever ratios are dimensioned to lift the bike up as easy and efficient as possible. The high-quality steel pipe has a stable design, is weight-optimised, cleanly welded and powder-coated. A double spring package ensures safety when stationary and when riding. Characteristically Wunderlich: We‘ve thought of everything, and so we‘ve even included a special tool to help you easily and securely attach the spring package. 

Once the centre stand is fitted, the oil level check, oil change, maintenance work and care can be carried out much more conveniently and safely than without it. Just like loading with baggage. 
Since the chassis on the Scrambler and the Urban G/S are different in terms of height to the R nineT, the Wunderlich accessories specialists are offering the centre stands in two heights for each model.

Wunderlich offers components for all current BMW models and many older BMW model series. In addition to the centre stands for the R nineT models already mentioned, there are also a stand for the G 310 GS. The main stands are made in Germany, are delivered with a German type approval and the complete mounting kit including mounting instructions.

32423-002 Centre stand R nineT regular - 269,00 €
32422-002 Centre stand R nineT Scr. / Urb. G/S - 269,00 €
40576-002 Centre stand G 310 GS - 159,90 €

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