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Wunderlich press conference at EICMA 2018

After WunderBob, Wunderlich is unveiling its newly developed „SuMo“ supermoto concept as a further concept bike along with the range for the ShiftCam BMWs R 1250 GS and RT

Things are happening in swift succession for the Sinzig-based BMW specialists! It was only recently that the Sinzig-based firm specialising in BMW motorbikes unveiled its high-quality accessories at Intermot for its laid-back „WunderBob“. Now, Frank Hoffmann, Managing Director of Wunderlich GmbH, and Felix Wunderlich, Authorised Officer and Head of Product Management and Development, have presented yet another highlight at EICMA: the unveiling of the Wunderlich concept of a supermoto. The impressive concept bike developed on the basis of the BMW F 850 GS has, quite appropriately, earned the title of „SuMo“. Once again, Wunderlich is presenting a sophisticated, professional concept that offers coherent form and most importantly has been developed up to the ride-ready stage.

„We don‘t do things by halves. We’re innovative, we’re keen and we have loads of ideas just waiting to be turned into a reality! And we get things done,” explains Frank Hoffmann. “After building no fewer than eleven R nineT conversions, each of which embody the seriousness and quality of concept bikes in their own right, we will now present a completely different concept at EICMA. We develop components for the full range of BMW motorcycles – from the G 310 GS to the K 1600 Grand America, and from Airhead-boxer to our Pikes Peak racing bikes. So it made complete sense to contrast our WunderBob, which we just presented at INTERMOT, with a concept that documents the entire bandwidth of our possibilities and capabilities. Our concept bikes are all fitted with Wunderlich suspension chassis, so they’re excellent to ride and, above all else, are ‘street legal’, or in other words, licensable. They should ultimately convey our stylistic and technical expertise and provide our customers with a visual embodiment of the customisation opportunities, however, which aren’t just possible with our premium components, but are also easy to implement.” 

Close cooperation with the professionals at Alpina Raggi S.P.A.

When it came to developing the SuMo, Wunderlich worked closely with the professionals at the renowned Italian manufacturer from Lomagna: Alpina Raggi S.P.A. Alpina specialises in the production of tubeless wheels, spokes and nipples. The Wunderlich SuMo is therefore equipped with the latest generation of tubeless rims, which Alpina Raggi is also unveiling as a world first at EICMA at the same time. The forged STS 2-rims feature excellent concentricity, a double O-ring system for the air-tight sealing of the spokes and an excellent balance between rigidity and weight.  Giuseppe Cappellotto, Section Leader at Alpina Tubeless Wheels, needed no encouragement to present the latest generation of rims as part of the Wunderlich SuMo showcase.  

Wunderlich delivers - range for the ShiftCam BMWs R 1250 GS and RT

No less spectacular than the presentation of the Wunderlich SuMo is the impressive, extensive array of components for the ShiftCam BMWs R 1250 GS and R 1250 RT that Frank Hoffmann and Felix Wunderlich introduced at the press conference soon after their launch by BMW Motorrad. It goes without saying that Wunderlich would offer core components such as effectively protecting windshields or ergonomical products such as seats for long-distance trips, handlebar risers, Vario footrest systems or luggage solutions as well as tank and engine protection bars for the GS and RT. The range of products available is also enormous.

Introduction of the new international on/off-road and Boxer-Spirit catalogues

Wunderlich‘s growth is stable and healthy, allowing it to conquer markets all over the world. To appeal to customers on the international markets, the BMW accessories specialists regularly publish extensive catalogs. At EICMA, Frank Hoffmann and Felix Wunderlich presented the four-language (English, Spanish, French, Italian) on and off-road catalog, as well as the English-language Boxer-Spirit catalog. 



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