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Press Release 11|2020 - Wunderlich puts a bolt on thieves!

The smart navigation lock for the BMW R 1250 RT and the R 1200 RT LC with central locking

The Navigator 4, 5 and 6 from BMW attach to the cockpit very comfortably with just one click. They‘re just as easy to remove from the holder simply by pressing the release button.

Including by strangers, unfortunately.

If you take your eyes off your RT while filling up, you risk the brazen theft of your navigation. The comfortable holder is unfortunately also the greatest risk. Navigation devices have even been stolen while stopped at traffic lights. The thief is already long gone by the time you park your bike on the side stand.

The navigation lock for riders of the BMW R 1250 RT and R 1200 RT LC reliably blights these bandits‘ activities and reliably prevents the navigation from being stolen. It simply attaches via the original BMW central locking, which also integrates the closure for the storage compartments, the cases and the top case. If the central locking is activated when parking the bike or while riding, the navigation lock system‘s servomotor prevents theft. This locks the ejector‘s mechanical activation head and prevents any strangers from accessing the navigation.

The navigation lock‘s servomotor attaches discreetly beneath the shell of the navigation unit via a fitted, resistant steel bracket. The steering and power supply are connected via the original plug connections. In layman‘s terms, it‘s plug and play.

Wunderlich offers the smart navigation lock system for €159.90.

You can find components for all current BMW motorcycle models and older model series at

21170-502 - Navigation lock for the RT with central locking (€159.90)

*Prices may vary from country to country

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Navigation lock for the BMW R 1250 RT and the R 1200 RT LC with central locking


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