Wunderlich - Service

In March 2013, just in time for this year’s motorcycle season, Wunderlich starts its new Workshop service for conversions and mounting.

For the coming season, Wunderlich is offering a new service. The BMW motorcycle specialist presents a new and ultra modern workshop with dynamometer at its premises. At this facility, our technicians will dedicate their experience of more than 20 years to our customers and their motorcycles. We will take care of all mounting and conversion requests around the Wunderlich assortment. The duration of the conversion times will be previously bindingly calculated in almost all cases.


While we are working at the motorcycles, our customers will have the opportunity to enjoy the amenities of our customers Lounge with coffee, beverages and cost-free wireless Internet or they could do a test drive through the beautiful Eifel.


Upon request, we could also arrange a favorable shuttle service or an accommodation at one of the Wunderlich partner hotels.


All information concerning this new service could be obtained via telephone 02642-9798-0, via e-mail [email protected]remove-this.wunderlich.de or from our homepage www.wunderlich.de


Phone: +49 (0) 26 41 30 82 0