Wunderlich - The brand. Philosophy and Attitude.

Frank Hoffmann presents the Wunderlich brand and company brochure

Speaking on the occasion of Wunderlich‘s relocation of its corporate headquarters to the new location at the Innovationspark Rheinland in Grafschaft Ringen (directly accessible on the A61 via the „Grafschaft Ringen“ exit), which was finished at the end of September, Frank Hoffmann recently introduced the new Wunderlich brand and company brochure.

„Wunderlich is growing at a faster than average rate and we are in the phase in which we are strategically expanding our commitment on an international level. However, aside from the economic success - or better yet, alongside it - Wunderlich has matured into a brand that is majorly recognised worldwide. As a consequence of the international focus of our activities, we have often been faced with the question: „What are you actually about?“ 

„Within the company we have long since taken an organically developed attitude on our products, quality and not least, our customers. So it was about time to describe the matured core of our brand, our philosophy and our attitude. The values that drive us are characterised from the start by our focus on BMW motorcycles and the competence we have developed for them. The basis for our innovative high-quality Wunderlich components is thus on the specific expertise we have honed over the years. Expertise that we have continuously developed and that goes into all of our products“, said Frank Hoffmann, Wunderlich CEO, at the official presentation of the brand and company brochure. „Our motto »Anständige Komponenten für Ihre BMW.« gathered together our manufacturing by hand, our concept of quality and our responsibility for sustainability with the significant aspects that guide us. In this regard, I can say that we have been paying increasing attention to our responsibility towards people and nature in addition to our claim to technological innovation for the last two years with our »Wunderlich BLAU« sustainability initiative. This commitment can be energy and resource reduction measures, more efficient manufacturing and logistics processes, but could also be social commitment. All of this describes the Wunderlich brand and we have put it down on paper in five languages in our brand and company brochure“.

You can download „Wunderlich - The brand. Philosophy and attitude.“ here:

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