The new division of Wunderlich GmbH

Wunderlich Adventure. Passion. Unlimited.

The expertise that Wunderlich has built up in the development, production and distribution of high-quality components for BMW motorcycles since 1985 will flow fully into the new division of Wunderlich GmbH from 2022 onwards:
Wunderlich Adventure

In future, the two divisions, Wunderlich - complete your BMW and Wunderlich Adventure, will operate as brands under the umbrella of Wunderlich GmbH. The company emphasises that the Wunderlich - complete your BMW brand will continue to be exclusively dedicated to BMW motorcycles.

Road Trip and Offroad

Wunderlich Adventure Styles for the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 and the Special

At the Wunderlich Anfahrt 2022, not only the presentation of the new Wunderlich Adventure division attracted a lot of attention, but also two extraordinary premium touring enduros that nobody was expecting!

Wunderlich Managing Directors Frank Hoffmann and Felix Wunderlich, and Herbert Schwarz, the company's Multibrand Manager and Brand Ambassador, presented the first components for the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 and the Special. And so that the invited press representatives, customers and guests could immediately get an impression of the quality, functionality and design of the Parts & Accessories from Wunderlich Adventure, the company from Grafschaft-Ringen had put their money where their mouth is and perfectly equipped two of the impressive American touring enduros. A black Pan America 1250 and a Special in Baja Orange.

Herbert Schwarz:

"Our Pan Am 1250 in Vivid Black is named "Road Trip". High-quality Wunderlich Adventure Parts & Accessories from the areas of Touring, ErgoComfort, Design and Protection make it a powerful, characterful and unique touring Enduro, which will take you on long journeys around the world through thick and thin!

The agile Baja Orange fits the sporty character of our "off-road" Pan Am 1250 Special so perfectly. The Flowjet makes it look dynamic and aggressive, the Protection Parts invulnerable. Full of power and yet agile, it easily takes on any course, any terrain. Indestructible and adventurous!"

Wunderlich Adventure now offers the first components designed for the Harley-Davidson in the categories Design, Style & Protection, Touring and ErgoComfort. The quality of the products corresponds to the first-class level that one can expect from Wunderlich. Many more Parts & Accessories are in the pipeline and will follow until summer.


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