Exclusive for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2017 - Wunderlich RennR Pike’s Peak

On 25 June 2017 we will be starting as the only German team in the legendary Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. In the second-oldest motorsport course in the USA, 156 curves lead at 1440 meters in altitude on the Rocky Mountain summit of Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs. For over a century, the crème de la crème of roadracers compete with one another on the mountain route, which was not paved until five years ago.

We have built our “RennR” specially for this course rich in tradition. The extremely sporty Boxer was piloted by our friend and partner Thilo Günther, the successful racer and many times winner of the Bremerhaven fishing port race.

Our “RennR” is an almost all redone R 1200 R. Radically slimmed to 195 kilos, it brings the water-cooled Boxer to the rear wheel thanks to special engine parts on the 142 PS. For the clear reduction in weight the bike primarily has to thank our carbon rear conversion, which also looks very nice. Various further carbon parts, an altered exhaust pipe system, lamp masks and spoiler and further components from our large product program also contribute to this.

The good thing: All of these parts can now also be found in our well-sorted online shop. Thus, every “R” driver has the opportunity to make the “R” into a true “RennR” – naturally also with the TÜV blessing for fun on the road. Thilo has proven in Colorado that it also allows for veritable racing results. With the fifth place in the class of Pikes Peak Heavyweight and tenth place in the motorcycle overall evaluation, our team made a magnificent appearance there.

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